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    Love At First Sight



    Da Poloman And Sara Alavi Unleash

    New Hip Hop Track 'Love At First


    London, 30/09/20


    Da Poloman is back, and returns with a bang! Straight out of

    Hackensack, New Jersey, the popular rapper has teamed up

    with Sara Alavi and between them they catapult ahead with a

    sound which you will find irresistibly infectious.


    Discovering influence from the likes of Lil Wayne and Rea Da

    Kiid, Da Poloman takes a hint but yet crafts a position of his

    own which is authentic and unforgettable. Furthermore, 'Love

    At First Sight' is a bold hybrid of all things top class in the

    modern industry, yet, it stays true to yesteryear with plenty of

    nostalgic feel-good popping out of the potent mix.


    Driving forward with conviction, 'Love At First Sight' kicks off

    with an ethereal and sincere piano melody arrangement which increases in strength and pace ahead of a divine vocal

    performance from Sara Alavi. Da Poloman then greets us with

    open arms, and he reflects radiantly with his signature low

    octave range flourishing. He raps a piercing message, and he

    leaves no room for any ambiguity with his words resonating



    So, looking for the finest hip hop? Look no further.



    James Dyble – 0207 118 3444


    Ludgate Hill, London




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