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    The Daytona 500, which is commonly known as the Super Pan of NASCAR, is held each year in February. Drawing a huge selection of a large number of fans every year, with a lot more watching in the home on ข่าบอล , the Daytona 500 is racing's most anticipated event. The sports news media agrees with large push attendance and pre-event weekend coverage. It acts as the season opener for the new race year, nevertheless now it acts as so much more. While sports information constantly surrounds the annual Daytona 500, it's now dedicated to a fresh men's smell of exactly the same name.


    Elizabeth Arden, which can be the #2 National perfume inventor, will start giving the "Daytona 500" men's perfume beginning in April 2006. As well as being bought at participating shops, the Daytona 500 smell is expected to be easily obtainable online. Elizabeth Arden feels that the fragrance "embodies the confidence, power and intensity of the men bold enough to competition in the greatest adrenaline rush." And exactly what a speed it is. The Daytona 500 is perhaps the most exciting competition of the season and is generally printed in sports information guides, as well as activities media programs.


    Jeff Gordon, four-time Cup champion and defending Daytona 500 victor, presently advances another product in the Elizabeth Arden scent line. "Halston," which is also a men's smell, is marketed by Jeff Gordon, who serves as product spokesman. When Gordon closed on as an agent in Feb 2005, Elizabeth Arden said that their sales improved by 30-40% from prior sales. It's that relationship that creates the pre-existing association between Elizabeth Arden and NASCAR.


    With the release of the "Daytona 500" scent, activities media will once more be swirling across the sport. But, by May, with the Daytona 500 opposition long because previous, the newest Daytona 500 activities media will come in the form of a men's fragrance. With this particular being the very first racing-related fragrance, it's just installing so it could be named following the very first normal NASCAR sanctioned event. Throughout it's earliest times, racing at the seaside in Daytona rapidly became the base for that your sanctioning human body of NASCAR was born.


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